Sunday, July 02, 2006

More than Meets the Trailer

Alright folks after the 80s have made such an impact on that lifestyles, cultures, and millions of other things. From that came thoughts of how movies should be made, the way people want to live their lives and about a 1000 other ideas. Of these the people of my generation have claimed certain things as our personal spae, you invade them without knowing certain things we will rip you to shreds without a second thought. One of these illustrious things are the Tranformers, those robotic renagades who are more than meets the eye.

For those of you who DONT know here is the short backstory. Born and breed on Cybertron the race of transformers has become split into 2 seperate factions, the Decyptacons and the Autobots. In a scheme to try and end the war some of the higher ranking Decyptacons fly off into space to find a larger supply of the energy source of their world, Energon. Catching wind of the plan the Autobot leaders, specifically their ultimate leader Optimus Prime, set out to stop it. During the ensuing battle the autobots and decyptacons fall to earth during its primitive time and reawaken around the early to mid 90s. With the technology at their desposal the 2 factions copy and transform into these everyday items and pervert their orignal functions so they can use them as weapons to finish this war.

But in truth the war never really ends and the movie will recap what actually happened and how the autobots are the heros that they are. So the trailer can be found here. Enjoy it all and know that if they screw up one person, specifically soundwave, megatron, hot rod, or optimus prime ill personally create a transformer just to destroy that movie studio.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Ready Smile

You know i got some sorta crappy news today that i have to move out of my kick ass apt to not bigger or better digs in less than 5 days. Now how do you suddenly realize that you no longer can live in your place and move in 5 days, its complicated but it happens. Its times like this that I try to remember the good things in my life. My friends, family, and those few things that make me smile bigger than anything else. When those are needed i always swing over to the internet nest of one of the coolest people ive ever talked to, Internet's Martin Sargent.

Of course i mention this cuz he mentioned me, thats right the Sarge and i have crossed pathes on this crazy road of life when he did episdoe 8 of dear blog with me and zack. And of course he was nice enough to mention it on his site, right HERE actually. It just always makes me smile.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My E3 Wrap UP

E3 wrapped up last week and though every single person on the planet is rolling out their opinion and whatever else they can say to make their point. So here is mine.

1) Gear of War: only three words descirbe this game OH MY GOD. This game is beautiful, scary, gruesome, and insanly fun looking all at the same time. Not to mention I might jump back aboard the X-Box bandwagon just for this game. Not Halo 3, not DoA 4, not anything in their line up just this game.

2) Halo 3: Ok I might have lied because I have finished the other two installments and I really want to finish this fight. Halo 2 did leave me with a bit of a let down feeling at the end. Seriously unless you stuck around after the credits to see what Cortana was up to then you REALLY were disapointed. Just when you hit the highlight of the game, the best part, they cut you off. Its like a good drug gone HORRIBLY wrong.

3) Duck Hunt 2: Thats right the dog is back laugh and all not to mention with the stylish Wii controler making shooting the ducks that much easier.

4) Super Smash Brothers Brawl: Ok there are some lame character, like oh say metaknight from the Kirby series. However I have wanted to see Kid Icaris from his sereis make a come back, his games were a little cool and they way they powered him up with his bow becoming 2 swords is awesome. Oh did i forget to mention the best part of the whole thing Solid Snake. Thats right uninformed masses Soild Snake is now a playable character in Super Smash Brothers. Prepare for some insane moves.

5) Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots: Nuff said, i mean seriously if you love the series youll love this game, if not you wont.